Adult Psychotherapy


Adult Psychotherapy

Are you at a crossroads with:

  • Your personal life, a relationship, or your career?
  • Feelings of depression or anxiety?
  • Life stress or imbalance?
  • Family or interpersonal conflict?

Many successful adults feel that something essential is missing from their lives. Life simply isn’t as fulfilling or vibrant as they’d like it to be. At Chrysalis, we know that life can be better. We know how to help people develop the kind of life they may only dream of.

adultWe provide strategies that help you:

  • Overcome challenges and break old habits
  • Enrich relationships
  • Deepen self-awareness
  • Manage stressors, trauma, loss, personal challenges
  • Become more fulfilled and satisfied

In a warm and comfortable environment, our therapists will help you clarify your current challenges, identify obstacles to reaching your goals, and co-create a plan for change. Skilled in a variety of methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, EMDR, and insight-orientation, we work collaboratively to enhance growth and attain fulfillment.

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