Substance Abuse Counseling


Substance Abuse Counseling

  • Have you sometimes wondered if you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol?
  • Do friends or family members express concern about you?
  • Have you tried stopping for a while but been unsuccessful?

At The Chrysalis Group, you will be welcomed into a warm and nonjudgmental environment where we can explore your concerns about your substance use and how alcohol or drugs have been impacting your life. We are here to support you as you identify what you would like to change and as you decide what you are ready for. Change can be frightening, especially if substances have played a role in helping you relieve or avoid unwanted emotions. Our goal is that therapy will provide you with the tools necessary to cope with your thoughts and feelings so that you may be able to enjoy life and nurture your growing relationships.

Treatment at any age focuses on your vision for a quality of life that reinforces your core values. When working with adolescents and young adults, we strongly believe that family involvement creates the best outcome for treatment. Building a community of people who support your evolving ideas for how you want to live your life is essential in sustaining the balance you strive for. Parents can also benefit from sessions to learn more about their child’s decisions, feelings, goals and interests. We also provide support to parents who are willing to explore their role in their child’s recovery.

If you would like more information, contact Nidhi Sampath, LCPC, at or 301-652-1582.